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  What is Arabic Advantage?

The Complete Arabic Advantage Audio Program, 24 hours of fascinating narration professionally studio-recorded, crisp and clear. More than 2500 Arabic keywords with periodic quiz/reviews to reinforce your knowledge and fix in mind all the words you've just learned.
1- 24 Audio Cassettes which help learners to build essential spoken Arabic.
2- Arabic Advantage observes a formal Arabic which can be understood by all Arabic Speakers..
3- How to use 2500 Basic Arabic keywords with instructions how to acquire more new words.
4- Easy Exercises help Learners build their formal Arabic, and improve words usage while on the go.
5- Ten Levels Cover all Aspects of Daily Life. 
6- Useful Introductions and Summaries guide Learners to the best how to master Arabic.

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All you have to do is call the special 800 number below and request your trial-shipment of the complete Arabic Advantage Program. Plus, if you order now, you also receive Vans Weir Arabic/English Dictionary absolutely free. This dictionary is helpful to increase your Arabic vocabulary and is easy to use since it has the Arabic transliteration

  Still Not convinced to Learn Arabic!

The importance of Arabic may vary from one person to another, depending on the benefit he or she will get from studying Arabic, but all agree on the following three facts: 

First: more than one billion people speak Arabic, or believe in Arabic as a source for their knowledge. So learning Arabic is a big advantage to have access to these one billion.

Second: Many discoveries, which contributed in nowadays renaissance, were written in Arabic or done by Arab scholars. 
Speaking about these discoveries may take hours if not days, but one should not forget Arabic contributions to medicine, astronomy, algebra, alchemy, and philosophy.
By the way, according to the etymological studies (the science of word origins), the words (algebra and alchemy) came from Arabic.

Algebra came from the Arabic الجبر..الجبر (Aljabr)
Alchemy came from the Arabic الكيمياء..الكيمياء (Alchemia)

Third: Arabs and Muslims claim that they own a very distinctive manuscript which includes instructions about the real welfare for all humanity. They say that this Holy Book is miraculous, and that no power -what so ever this power is- can create a similar text or even a similar line to what is written in this Book. 
The Holy Koran is revealed in Arabic and is worthy to be studied in Arabic and not in any other language. 

So, To make money by reaching new markets with new people…
To search for the roots of knowledge…
To study and understand Islam…
Or To have any hidden reason which I don't know…


Learning Arabic will open new amazing horizons for you. Arabic Language will create a different person inside you; a person who is very romantic sensitive and knowledgeable.


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